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Alien labs

Alien labs It is an award-winning cannabis organization we work with the top rack bloom that is genuinely incredible!

Established in 2015 by Ted Lidie, a second era rancher,

Alien Labs strains started with their underlying foundations in the clinical side of cannabis creating probably the most powerful blossom available, rapidly picking up themselves a religion following.

Alien is committed to elevated requirements and little cluster development with an emphasis on quality versus amount.

Through the sheer quality of its cannabis and sense of charm the team brought to California’s previously thriving event circuit, Alien Labs has become a household name faster than most.

As its extraterrestrial-covered purple jars have come to be embraced in local markets up and down the state, it is easy for us to see that we have a winner on our hands.

This blended light group of Area 41 is the result of intersection Lemon Fuel OG with Gelato 41.

The fragrance starts with a kick of citrus followed by hints of hearty diesel goes with a fruity, citrusy breath in and woodsy, natural breathe out. The buds convey tints of dull and light green are set apart by patches of lively purple with a substantial measure of trichomes that flicker under the light.

An Indica inclining Hybrid that will start with a cerebral surge that inside 10 minutes dissolves all through the body into a condition of physical unwinding.

This strain is accepted to help with physical incessant agonies, sleep deprivation, and to build hunger.

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Customer Reviews (4.14)

(7 customer reviews)

7 reviews for Alien labs

  1. Jennifer Robillard (verified owner)

    They called to check up with me several times, and as soon as it was finished.

  2. Jury Elliott (verified owner)

    I am more than pleased.

  3. Bill Hornby (verified owner)

    I have just received the replacement and opened the package..

  4. jonathan laflamme (verified owner)

    Very happy with purchase.

  5. Nathaniel (verified owner)

    Thanks again for expediting the order for me.

  6. Riley (verified owner)

    I would definitely order.

  7. Anthony (verified owner)

    Once again everyone was helpful in assisting me in the purchase.

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