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1000mg Psilocybe Cubensis

2x 500mg doses

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Magic mushroom chocolate bar for sale. Welcome to the magical world of psilocybin mushrooms., Browse through our fine selection of shroom products and get in touch with the world in new and exciting ways. From dried mushrooms, chocolate, gummies and tea, to shroom capsules for a less psychedelic and more medical approach, we have you covered. Make shrooms a part of your lift and reap all the wonderful therapeutic benefits associated with magic mushrooms.

Flower Child Magic Mushroom Chocolate 1000mg (Flower Child)

1000mg Psilocybe Cubensis

2x 500mg doses


What are the Different Types of shrooms Products?

Magic mushrooms have been around for quite some time, and a variety of shroom products have become available in Canada. Perhaps the most popular are shrooms in their dried form. This is what most people think of when thinking about magic mushrooms. However, there is a whole set of alternatives on the market. Below is a list of some of the most popular shroom items found in Canada: Dried Shrooms are basically psilocybin mushrooms that have been cultivated to perfection and put through a drying process. The end result is a product that is ready to consume for its many therapeutic benefits.

Magic mushrooms have been used to treat a wide range of conditions that include anxiety, depression, OCD, headaches and addiction. Magic mushrooms have only begun to make its way out of the shadows and into Canadian popular culture, and as time passes, more research is sure to show a much wider range of benefits.

Shroom Chocolate is basically chocolate that has been infused with psilocybin found in magic mushrooms. The rich and creamy delicacies are perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Not only do they taste great, they pack a psychedelic punch as well.   Shroom Gummies are gummy candies that are infused with psilocybin found in shrooms. Some people do not care for the taste of raw dried magic mushrooms, so taking them as tasty gummies are more than welcome. Shroom Tea is what you get when you grind up dried shrooms to make a tea. There’s nothing more relaxing than a nice warm glass of shroom tea to get a trip started. Being in a relaxing and peaceful mindset is key to having the most positive trippy mushroom experience as possible.  Shroom Capsules are psilocybin from magic mushrooms that are placed into a soft gel cap. These products are pre packaged into set doses, taking out all the guesswork needed. Shroom pills are perfect for microdosing purposes. Medicinal mushrooms are being more commonly used medically and microdosing magic mushrooms is a great way to gain the therapeutic benefits of shrooms, but without the intense psychedelic and hallucinogenic effects.




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